Rob Thompson Writer/Director


The Cree Project 2 - Pinegrove Productions
When Sheep Look Up (Pilot) - Sienna Films
The Cree Project 1 - Pinegrove Productions
The Speed of Dark (Feature) - Writer's Workshop
Santa (Feature) - Sienna Films
Anusha (Feature) - Winter Films
Empire of the Trees (Feature) - Winter Films
Leaving Dora (Feature) - Untitled Vanity Project
Accidental Birdwatcher (Feature) - North East Productions
The Last Resort (Doc) - Winter Films
Life's Illusion (Feature) - Winter Films
The Nazi Generation (Feature) - Winter Films
Citizen Nutt (Pilot) - CBC
Wildlife (Feature) - Winter Films
The Prince of Never Say Never - Praxis
Caged (Doc) - Winter Films
Journey to Little Rock (Doc) - North East productions
Living in Canada (Series) - Immigration
Billy (Short) - Winter Films
Foreign Policy (Short) - Winter Films
Intercourse with a Martyr (Short) - Winter Films
Water (Short) - Winter Films
Does It Matter (Educational) - Youth Services Bureau
Open Doors (Educational) - Youth Services Bureau
The Guy Next Door (Educational) - Youth Services Bureau
Acquaintance Rape (Educational) - Youth Services Bureau
Video Revolution (Educational) - Winter Films
Bonehead (Short) - Youth Services Bureau
Witch Garden 1 (Series) - Witch Garden Productions
Witch Garden 4 (Series) - Witch Garden Productions
Backstage (Short) - Great Canadian Theatre Company
Spick and Span (Short) - Winter Films
Brave Green World (Short) - Neo Neo Productions
The 7th Winter (Short) - Neo Neo Productions
Undercurrents (Feature) - Raskolnikov Productions

Story Editing

Woodland Caribou (Series) - Pinegrove Productions
The Lizard Cage (Feature) - Sienna Films
9 Conversations (Feature) - Untitled Vanity Project
Diamonds (Mini-series) - Sienna Films
The Fires (Series) - Sienna Films
Altar Boys (Series) - Sienna Films
The Mysteries of Ice Fishing - Sienna Films
The Double (Feature) - Sienna Films
The Love Letters - GAPC

Theatre Scripts

Mum's The Word - 4th Space
Collateral Damages - NAC Atelier
Alien Fingers - Arts Court
Mac Wing - Arts Court
Undercurrents - Penguin Theatre Company
Entropy - SAW Gallery
Closet Theatre - Arts Court


Knacker Town (Novel)
The Complete Handbook for Video Production (Handbook)
The Knick Knack Girl (Children's Story)