Rob Thompson Writer/Director

While I have written and directed well over 80 videos and films in my career the following list is a selection of my favourite projects over the past years.

Story edited this mini-series that was broadcast on CBC and ABC.

The Letters
8 x 30 reality tv series
Directed this series where eight young men vie for the heart of one young woman through love letters.

Journey To Little Rock
1 hour documentary
Wrote and directed this production on the life of Minnijean Brown Trickey one of nine black students who went to an all white high school in Arkansas in the fifties and became an international celebrity. This film received a theatrical release in the US.

1 hour documentary
Wrote and directed this look into the food industry with an event that gained international news headlines; two people struggle to live like chickens in a cage for one week in order to receive $2500 each.

Witch Garden
6 x 12 minute children’s show
Wrote and directed this musical children’s series about a group of magic vegetables.

The Other Prison
1 hour drama
Wrote this television drama that follows the story of an illiterate inmate in prison.

Through Our Eyes
3 x 30 minutes
Wrote and directed a series of participatory videos that explore the issues of teenage children of alcoholics, teenage immigrants to Canada, and teenage male violence in the home.

Canada in the Global Village
12 x 60 minute documentary series Directed this look at how technology shaped Canadian history.

Youth Services Bureau
3 x 20 minutes
Wrote and directed a series of participatory videos for Youth Service Bureau on alcoholism, teenage violence, and how Neo-Nazis recruit young people.

Flesh of the Olive
Music videos
A series of music videos from my latest CD.

The Heart Of Things
Short documentary
A video on my journey to Northern Labrador.

Web site and series of videos
A project at Lake Mistastin to help train seven Innu in video production.

Toronto Walkabout
Web site
Directed a series of short videos on Toronto Island.

Wrote a screenplay for Sienna Films. A christmas film for family audiences.

One Year
1 hour documentary
Wrote and directed this documentary that follows the life of this video maker after the death of his mother.

Date Rape
5 PSAs
Wrote and directed a series of five PSAs for the Rape Crisis Center in Ottawa.

Immigration Canada
6 x 10 minutes & 5 x 30 seconds
Wrote and directed a series of videos to educate new Canadians on living and working in Canada.

Video Revolution
1/2 Hour Documentary
Wrote and directed this look at the use of video by activist groups around the world.

Women in Agriculture
30 minute educational
Wrote and directed a video for World Food Day on women’s role in agriculture around the world.

20 x 30 second PSA
Wrote and directed a number of PSAs for various organizations including the MS Society of Canada, The Rape Crisis Centre, and Arts Court to name a few.

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